Birth of Dolly

Submitted by Megan M. 

My husband and I moved to Louisville when I was 7 months pregnant. After getting settled in to our new place, I e-mailed 35 doulas. Four responded the next day. Two said they were booked up and two said they had an opening for a new client. One thoroughly answered every question I had in my original e-mail and provided more detail about her services. That was Lorie! We met shortly thereafter and I felt instantly comfortable with her relaxed but professional demeanor.  During the weeks leading up to my due-date, Lorie came to our place several times and met with me and my husband to discuss our birth plan and offer points to ponder. My daughter was breech and never did flip around. It was very disappointing to know that I would not experience a natural birth. The OB/GYN was pressuring me to schedule a C-section. If I didn’t have Lorie’s guidance during this time, I may have felt that a scheduled C-section was my only option. However with her encouragement, my husband and I felt comfortable waiting until I went into labor before heading to the hospital. Knowing that this was a choice was so liberating! I felt so much more in control of my daughter’s birth. I remember seeing Lorie after they wheeled me out of the OR at 4:00 am and she was still smiling after waiting all that time! It’s one of the memories I’ll always have from that day. Lorie is great. She should be your doula too!