As a doula, I am dedicated to supporting women and families through the labor and birth experience. Since receiving my training with DONA International, I've gained over eleven years of experience in non-medical emotional and physical labor support as an independent, self-employed doula.

As a mother who had a doula in attendance for both of my own births, I draw on my knowledge and experience to help women feel empowered and make informed decisions. It has always been important to me that I expand my skills and knowledge as a labor and birth doula. I therefore have continued to seek out educational opportunities to further improve my labor and birth services, attending such varied courses as Breastfeeding for Birth Professionals, VBAC Facts, Perinatal Mood Disorders, How to Help Families Find Evidenced Based Care, Evidence on Due Dates and Advanced Maternal Age, TENS in the Toolbox Training, among many others.

I have attended families who have chosen to birth their babies at a hospital, as well as families who decide to have their babies at home. I'm delighted and honored to attend each and every birth.